Most Famous Landmarks in Cape Town, South Africa

Tourists flock to Cape Town, South Africa to visit the city’s most famous landmarks. Cape Town is the oldest city in the country, thus it has a lot to offer tourists. The multicultural city is tourists’ favorite in Africa.

City Hall

The large Edwardian building is one of the most famous landmarks in Cape Town. The landmark, built in 1905, is the outcome of a public competition where the winning architects imported fittings and fixtures from Europe. It houses an Organ, carillon and Turret Clock. It is on its balcony Nelson Mandela gave his first public speech after he was released.

District Six Museum

Is the six meter high museum really a life size reproduction of the Southern African cake business? Yes, it is! It contains the world’s largest collection of cake and biscuits implements. It also owns a small model of an ocean liner, which is another famous local tourist attraction.

District Seven Museum

The museum in the seven largest districts of the city represents the chronological history of the African continent. It also exhibits Cape Town’s early history in the form of ancient potter, tools of building, 19th century shoes and clothing, personalities and inventions. Everyone can leave the building relaxed and refreshed to visit the other wonders of the city.

In the Cape Town area, there are many attractions that tourists can enjoy. The following are just a few of the ones not to be missed.


This is a unique museum in the area. Bo-Kaap is a tower level landmark in the middle of the city. It stands 117 meters above sea level and thus provides a great vantage point for visitors. The museum is right next to the road and near the banks of the river. So, if you happen to be staying in the city and you do not have a car, the location alone will convince you to visit the museum. But if you have a car, you can get to Bo-Kaap by taking the N2 or Route designed especially to drive along the river.

Castle of Good Hope

The Castle is one of the most historic buildings in the Central Highlands. The structure was built in the early 19th century and offers a great deal of information about the early history of the country. The main attraction of the building is the Annexe, which houses candles upon the medieval rack and frame furniture. There are maps, photographs and other historical bits and pieces housed in the annexe.

Martins Cave

Martins Cave is amongst the attractions of the Robben Island Visitors’ Park. The famous attraction is a striking example of natural architecture. The limestone cave is home to a diverse group of bats. An immense platform which enables you to elevate your head above the clouds will give you the best view of the bats in action. As you wander around the cave you will be able to marvel at the formations formations, including theikanis, bats. The bats are probably the most amazing inhabitants of the cave.

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is the south-westernmost point of Africa in the Table Mountain. Enjoy a short trip and be able to visit the Jhomolso Marae, the lighthouse, zebras, flamingoes and other local animals. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch a herd of elephants cooling off at the water’s edge.

Cat Island

Located near Capri Island, Cat Island is a great place to visit if you are traveling by land. The endemic Bennett’s starling and robin species thrive in the island’s forests. There are also more adventurous birds like the black-footed rockjock and the red-capped bee-eater. Cat Island is home to a wide variety of mammals, including lions, panthers and bears.

Nelspruit Garden

The Nelspruit Garden is one of the green spots in Cape Town. It is between the Kracht and Ormond Beach passes and is south of Hwy Dwelling. The abundance of mosses and ferns, made in combination with the abundant bats and other nocturnal creatures, makes this a very interesting and productive garden. The animals that live here include kudu, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, baboons, fish and many more.

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But the greatest explanation for the recent craze in miniature gardens is the provision of facilities for small children, for elderly people and also for trekkers and tourists who just want to relax.

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